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11 May 2009 @ 09:40 am
Hold your own hand.-Dave End (This one is kinda poetic.)  
I woke up with the Brady Bunch theme immediately playing in my new consciousness. Brain, you are random, aren't you?

I know it's not cool to brag or sound like...I don't know the word...

Anyway, I LOVE MY LIFE. I mean, I love the places my life takes me. I love my friends. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. It's been about a year ago since I discovered this group. I am changed for the better.
Dumpster diving.
Tree hugging.
Hitch hiking.
Train hopping.
Campfire building.

I loved walking down the street with someone I have a friendly sexual relationship (an older someone, a musician, a poet) with whom I only see when I am Lewiston while there's a boy with dreadlocks leading our parade, crimson lipstick and plastic heart earrings on, belting out angsty songs with Jazz, slam poet extraordinare while Deacon in his blue raspberry wig strides on way too manly to be in that zebra-print, curve-hugging dress. I smile and laugh at it all while I take a swig of Wild Irish Rose and enjoy the night air.

I loved coming home from the police station, rescuing a friend and baby sister (to me). Sitting ourselves in the kitchen, Deacon with the wig off. An anarchy heart shaved into his head, a sweatshirt with a unicorn and a rainbow on it. Going on about the aggression and naming the tactics they used on us. We're all covered in glitter. We smoke before bed, I wait for Jessy, in he comes, drunk. Everyone stumbles to their respective bedrooms. Everyone has a cuddle buddy tonight. New friends. Full of love.

The Lewistunning Dragapalooza was incredible. SO many fierce queens. Big hair, big makeup, big attitude. MIMI came on stage and the audience went fucking CRAZY. I thought I was going to shoot through the roof I was so excited. Sigh. I love Mimi.

Jazz, Rhianna and I hitched. First we walked around in a circle through Lewiston. Someone told us it was illegal. Yes, but we don't have a choice, said Jazz. Some people don't realize their advantages. Like a vehicle of their own or money to take a bus. This self-employed business man picked us up. It was his birthday so I gave him Jessy's zine. I felt very proud.

I bought Mom a rose and bought her plants later. I'm gonna go hug her.

I really love my friends (including my Mom).

Let me say more!
I have this beautiful girlfriend and her name is Shaye. I'm going to see her today and this makes me happy.

We went to the place behind Wok Inn and my leg broke through the rotting wood. Then we had gooey mango sherbert things from the Asian market. Then I bought Pokemon stickers for Max and Fox. Cory is coming to PRYSM tonight. We've missed him. We didn't get to say goodbye to him.
stain boyalasbabylon on May 11th, 2009 03:41 pm (UTC)
aw, this made me smile
liamunearthingbone on May 11th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
Pretty writing - though I'd challenge no one is ever too "manly" (or alternatively, too "womanly" or any other gendered term) to wear any article of clothing.
Kala: eddie izzardneetriht on May 12th, 2009 09:59 pm (UTC)
i thought she had meant it ironically